Household Cleaning:

A 50 Ib front-loading commercial washer handles items from bedspreads, down comforters, sleeping bags, duvet covers, cushions, shams, matlesse, quilts, blankets, and draperies. Dry-cleaning can also be used when needed for delicate or color sensitive fabrics.

Quality Shirt Service:

Twin Kell examines every shirt prior to laundering. Special treatment is given to shirts with stains; collars and cuffs are pre treated with conditioners. Broken or missing buttons are identified and replaced. Shirts are laundered at four different starch levels (none, light, medium and extra heavy). Special processes are available to remove starch completely or add extra heavy amount. Colored shirts are washed separately to avoid shrinkage and enhance color. The inspection department then carefully inspects shirts after they have been pressed, noting any defects such as residual stains, repairs or deficient pressing. Collars and cuffs are finished by hand to ensure the utmost quality finishing.

Wet Cleaning:

This is a Twin Kell specialty. Although Twin Kell abides by care labels and manufacturer instructions, certain processes maybe required for garment restoration including wet cleaning. Thanks to experienced and skilled technicians with years of practical application, these specialists are able to assess each situation to ensure that risk is reduced.

A complete set of chemicals is available upon demand. From enzyme digesters to oxidizing and reducing bleaches, qualified personnel will go to great lengths to make sure every process is taken to restore a garment. In certain situations where risk is involved, a professional will consult with a customer when abnormal amount of risk is involved. Every aspect of risk including shrinkage, color loss or dye migration is discussed.


Twin Kell operates under the latest modern technology. We are renowned for being an environmentally friendly and hazard free work place. Both plants use a petroleum base hydrocarbon solvent design to remove general soils and grease. There is no hazard waste and thus no stringent environmental controls or record keeping required.





Alterations and Repairs:

​An off premise tailor is used for all alterations. All alterations take about 2 weeks to complete. 

Wedding Gown and Formals:

Even the finest designer gowns are serviced at Twin Kell, where inspection is critical. Certain trimmings, beading or sequins are not always serviceable. Every precaution is always taken to preserve every gown and formal. Some instances may even call for wet cleaning and bleaching for ultimate restoration.

Heir looming is an available service, which will preserve the gown for years to come. Each gown is carefully inspected before it is sealed in an airtight box, unexposed to atmospheric conditions, which could cause yellowing

Fabric Consultation:

With today’s influx of micro fibers, natural and synthetic yarns causes for inspection has never been greater. Whether it’s a red wine stain in a red satin silk blouse or an ink pen disaster, specialists are available to address your every concern. The consumer may not always have the knowledge for expert handling of their garments. The objective is always the first issue which could be restoring to a wearable condition or returning to like new. Of course risk is always assessed and sometimes the best option maybe to do nothing. You can feel confident that Twin Kell personnel will have the answers. The international fabric institute, the governing body of textile maintenance is available for a detailed analysis if need be.

Continuing the tradition since 1932